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Face Facts Pretty Smooth Eyebrow Shapers - 28 Strips

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Description from Face Facts: 

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Specially shaped to be used above and below the brow line, creating perfectly shaped brows every time
  • Perfect eyebrows without tweezing
  • Helps remove unwanted hair
  • Effectly gets stray hairs
  • 28 Strips per pack

Directions: Thoroughly wash face with soap and water, ensure skin around eyebroes is free from make-up or creams. Ensure the skin is completely dry before use. Brush the eyebrows into place with a small brush, such as a clean mascara wand. With dry hands open the eyebrow shaper and peel off the plastic liner. Apply the eyebrow shaper to the required area, smoothing  out any bubbles. With the index and third finger pull the skin taut and peel the wax strip off against the direction of hair growth. Removing the hair between the eyebrows is simple. Use the straight strip and remove in a downward direction.