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Face Facts Hyaluronic Sheet Mask - 2 Treatments

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At Face Facts, simplicity is key, our brand has developed the line out of a desire to create a wide range of effective skin care products that are affordable yet suitable for all skin types and regime. Whether you have blemish-prone skin, dry, oily, or sensitive skin, Face Facts covers you. We are dedicated to providing innovative and exciting ways to integrate skincare into our daily beauty regime, and continue to discover and develop the latest trending skincare products available to all consumers.



Our ultra-hydrating face mask has been pre-infused with hyaluronic acid for a moisture boost.A full range of skin-loving actives will help plump your skin, which can temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It really is like an instant facial when skin gets burst of instant hydration and feels and soothed.


How to use:
To a clean and dry face, remove the face from foil sachet and apply to your face. Leave the mask for 20 to 30 minutes before rinsing your face with warm water and drying it with a towel.
Tip: Fold sheet in half to treat your neck.
It can be refrigerated before use to get a cooling effect.
Gentle mask, can be used everyday for a me-time.


Familialist's recommendation:

We highly recommend Face Facts Hyaluronic Face Mask because it is suitable for all skin types, it hydrates, soothes and plumps the skin. It is enriched with ingredients that promote cell regeneration. It could be used as a regular cleanser or a mid-week pamper for some me-time to get a natural glow, with a supple and soft skin.